Use my voice box!


Since I was about 13, people have been telling me, “You should get into radio, you have a great voice!” The only problem with this is that having a great voice does not equal interesting. Radio stations in Kenya are not quite as easy to get work at in mailrooms leave alone as hosts.

I also have an interesting ability to get people to talk to me about stuff they are going through. I honestly don’t know why it happens most times. It just does and I don’t mind hearing it. So, I say, why not use the two gifts for something positive (at least I hope it will be positive).

Got anything weighing on your mind you want to hear out loud but don’t want to say it to anyone? Say it to me and I’ll use my voice to say it out loud for you on my TikTok.

But please note recordings will only be a maximum of 60 seconds. Feel free to get stuff off your chest but know that I may not use all of it in the recording. This is completely anonymous, so don’t expect any responses from me.


Fill the form below, hit send and we can go from there.


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