Grundfos Industrial Area

Grundfos Industrial Area-0226

This one is a way late post, two years ago I shot some architecture work done by my good friends Lexicon+Ion at the Grundfos office in Industrial Area. It was a pretty expansive job but while shooting it, it was a great time to reflect on what purpose an office is supposed to serve.

Grundfos Industrial Area-0001

When you spend 8hrs a day somewhere, one can only hope that that somewhere is a comfortable environment. That’s what Grundfos were swinging for with this one. A modern design which has a homely yet professional feel.

Grundfos Industrial Area-0044Grundfos Industrial Area-0039

Right from the entrance, you are greeted with a minimalist and spacial use of space which allows for a “breathing” feel. Things are not stacked uncomfortably close to each other. The main lobby doubles up as a show room for Grundfos products.

Grundfos Industrial Area-0123Grundfos Industrial Area-0153Grundfos Industrial Area-0094Grundfos Industrial Area-0151

Upstairs is where the magic happens with equally spaced out staff seating areas. The walls are decorated with well selected historic photographs and in key areas, the Grundfos core values. Work is work! Of course it is! But the reality is that going to work should be an exciting affair. An opportunity to rise up to and defeat a new challenge.

I love these core values. They are a great place to end this post on. There’s more of them in the room. But these ones speak to me. Do things together and maintain high energy and spirits!

Grundfos Industrial Area-0065

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