10K Photography!

10K BannerDon’t get me wrong. You can and should spend more for quality photography. What I am offering here is less work on my part to reduce the cost for you.

So, if you are willing to foot the cost of the transport to and from (usually just a cheap Uber or Taxify), accommodation (I can stay with friends and family), food and beverage (don’t worry, I don’t misbehave on other people’s tabs) and cater for any arising incidentals related to your work, you can pay me as little as KSh10,000 ($100) to come cater for your photography needs for 3Hrs.

Anything over 3Hrs is another 10K.

This is crazy right? Right! But I do these bargain deals for my friends all the time and most of my clients end up becoming my friends anyway. So, why not make a thing out of it! I don’t mind doing more work to make more over more time.

The only downside with this product (depending on how you choose to look at it) is that the disclaimer I will give  in advance to keep those expectations in check. I got this idea from my year of service in the UN traveling no frills flights for various missions. I rarely cared what the flight attendants were wearing, whether I got peanuts or the size of the seats. I usually just wanted my flight to be on time (this was very important) and to get from point A to point B safely.

If you are a client who just wants kick-ass photos transfered to you on Google Drive which capture the emotions of your moments with little hullabaloo but great edited quality, hit me up!


I also made a full switch to open source software recently. This is another reason I can pull these stunts.

Offer only valid within Nairobi. Outside of Nairobi under very special conditions.

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