Wrigleys Athi River!


As part of another gig for Lexicon+Ion and in partnership with my boy Sam of Aerial Affairs. I was commissioned to take photos of the interior and exterior design work done on the Wrigleys factory in Athi River. For security reasons, we did not have unlimited access to the whole factory, but what we captured was a modern marvel or architectural design.

Wrigley 7

The facility is massive. I did not get any exact numbers on how much land it occupies, but this is an aerial shot to give perspective.




It’s an Eco-friendly office, and easily somewhere a lot of us would be excited to wake up and bike to every day for work. In case you missed it, yes, there is a little bit of Kenya in the design. The Kenyan colored spears on the facade of the building are a special touch from Lati and his team.


Color is a huge part of the interior design. Which is not surprising considering this is the factory where a lot of Kenya’s most popular chewing gums come from. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any photos of the branding inside the facility.




See! Color! Color is a huge part of the Wrigleys identity and the interior design does not disappoint!


Lexicon+Ion knocked this one out of the park! I can’t wait to see what they do next. I look forward to being a part of capturing the magic.


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