Almond Grove (Partnership with Aerial Affairs)

My friend Lati is a kick ass architect. He’s got his own outfit with some partners known as Lexicon+Ion. One of the benefits of having friends who are architects is all access passes to take pictures of creatively built spaces I would usually have someone chasing me around saying, “Hauezi piga picha hapa!”


These last few months were an extra treat because I got to team up with another super star. My friend Sam Muchai of Aerial Affairs. Sam’s drone photography is fast gaining traction and I am proud to be one of his partners.

Almond 10

Almond Grove is a closed community residential area design by Lexicon+ION. Each unit is a three bedroomed self-contained home with modern finishing.

Almond Grove-0320

The outside facade is designed for family. Each unit has a parking space but the outer street is wide enough for young bike riders to enjoy or play exciting games of hopscotch.

Almond Grove-0232

Almond Grove-0243

Almond Grove-0244

Almond Grove-0260

Interiors are well fitted and just waiting for your creative eye to come and furnish. For now, Athi River seems like quite a distance away. But with a lot of commercial activity moving out of the city of Nairobi, Athi River will soon become the next big residential area.

Almond 9

This will definitely be an amazing residential area. Those who have already moved in are definitely enjoying the benefits of the serenity so far.

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