One Last Bit Of Drama

I got a chance to hang out with my father in law this morning. He wanted my advice buying his first SLR. In many ways, this brings us closer than the whole, “I married your daughter…” thing.  Anyway, taking into account his needs for the camera (basic to intermediate) I advised him against buying something over the top. Instead opting for my own little model of a D3200. Sometimes I forget just how functional my little baby has been and how much of a benefit it has been to me. It is not the biggest, baddest SLR in the Nikon series. But I Can never claim that it has not gotten the job done. From weddings to family portraits and even random things. My little D3200 has been right by my side. So as I close the year, I want to send some love to my baby. May 2016 see us take more adventures together.

Here are some random things I took pictures of today.

The dramatic black and white is just for effect and should not be taken too seriously.













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