Ronni and TK


I love photographing friends weddings, because there is already an emotional connection in play. I live for the emotion. Capturing singular moments of perfect honest emotion. And with Ronni and TK, I got that in spades. I have documented their journey into being parents, and documented the birth of their daughter and on the 8th of August, I was honored to capture their journey into being united in holy matrimony.


These two are friends I met through my wife and through sheer force of divine interference have come to be close friends and confidants. It is rare to meet people with this much generosity and love for the world. Perhaps because both of them have undergone great difficulty in their lives which have led them down a path of true humility. But we could all learn from these two. The two were united at a quaint ceremony at the Good Shepherd Church along Ngong Road. Followed by a small reception at the luscious Dari Gardens in Karen.


The best thing about Dari is the gardens where local grazers come to roam freely. They make for a very interesting back drop to a sweet moment.


The fascinator wedding veil is one that is catching on popularity among brides with natural hair and Ronni’s dreads fit it perfectly. In addition, captured against this dramatic light made for a very interesting look of a bride awaiting her prince charming.


The thing about these two is that they have a good time together. With a couple that knows the true value of each other, it is easy to see in the way they interact that real love exists. Their relationship is deeply founded on christian values of love and respect which is evident to all their friends.


I have learned a lot from these two. Perhaps the biggest lesson being that, things can and may go south and in almost unbelievable fashion. But ultimately, what you make of the circumstances and how you deal with them is purely up to you.


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