Habil and Maggie


I will admit, this one was a lot of work for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. Habil and Maggie are a couple who were coming home from a long stay abroad to get married in the presence of family before returning abroad. So a lot of the preparations and conversations we had leading up to their big day were done over the phone and via email. The wedding was held in Nakuru, which meant my second shooter Ken and I had to leave Nairobi bright and early at 5.40AM in order to be in Nakuru by 8AM. 


We spent two and a half hours on the road having our final pre-game conversations before the big day began. By the time we arrived things were in full swing at the bride’s home but we got there with enough time to get the main interviews and some great photos at home done.





I must admit. I respect this man’s style. Fedoras were made for the elderly. We young people just jacked their style.



There was a photo-shoot location all selected and ready and it was great, but because the bride had a spirit of adventure, we stopped randomly besides a flowing river where some people were doing their laundry to get shots which I can honestly say, to me were one of a kind.




And the bride has such a welcoming spirit that in the full glamour of her wedding dress, she decided to take pictures with the locals who appreciated this very much. This was easily the busiest wedding I have ever shot in terms of how much effort I had to put in but I really had a good time and the amount of appreciation for the work we did was well received.


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