The Little Gem


Children do not need help being cute. It is something they do just fine all on their own. My friends Cathy and Gonzaga are responsible for this beautiful bundle of awesome named Gemma.


Right off the first click, the first thing that struck me about Gemma is just how friendly she is. She was so easy to laugh with that at some point I felt like I was hanging out with a friend rather than taking pictures of a wee one.


I felt particularly honored photographing Gemma and hanging out with her parents because they are closer to my age. And at my age, with a wedding on the way, I have a lot of questions for people doing it and making it look easy.


What makes it work? Is it hard? How do you manage?

Well, you just do… Advice from this beautiful family is that it is not easy but when the time comes, you grow into your role and you do it well. In addition, their wonderful baby has been a great blessing to them just in her personality and the warmth and joy she has brought into their home.


I can only hope, that when the wife and I are having wee ones of our own, that they will be as fun as Gemma.

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