She’s Out! Hello Alayna!

DSC_0128AOFPTwo months ago, I was taking pictures of my friend Ronni’s over-sized belly while the tiny person living insider her practiced kickboxing.

And recently, I was introduced to this tiny person. Small… Beautiful… And still practicing kickboxing.


Please excuse my baby fever, but new-borns are so unbelievably tiny that I honestly believe I can find a spoon big enough to eat them with.


Just a little over a month old and she already has a strong grip on reality. A strong grip in general, but the reason I reference “reality”, is that she doesn’t look dazed like most new-born babies tend to look. She was very aware of my movements around her and followed me keenly with her eyes as I clicked away at my camera shutter.


Truth be told, while looking into her eyes, I felt like there was a keen mind back there trying to figure me out as much as I was trying to figure her out.


But, of course, we got to that special place we get to with all beautiful girls when I take pictures of them for too long…


Welcome to the world little one. I am glad mommy and daddy let me invade your private space. I learned so much from you in one afternoon.


As a side tip for my clients, I can’t help myself. If there is a child in the room, I am GOING to photograph them! This beautiful young woman and her lovely mom just happened to be visiting.




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