Young People Fighting For Marriage In Kenya

Image from This Is Ess site. Read the full story here:

Sharon Mundai just got engaged and her blog post about it has been crashing her site for the last 24hrs. When I see her story, I am reminded of friends of mine and countless others, self included, who are proving something in this generation. We are proving that even as the radio stations continue to scream about the loss of values in matrimony, that young people refuse to give up on love. We are still going to find it, enjoy it and, for the lucky few, marry it. Congratulations you two. In addition, here are 6 young couples who, despite all the negative noise, have taken the huge step and committed to each other for life. Let’s be an example and keep this momentum going. Click on the pictures to read their stories and see more pictures.

Michael and Emmy
Peter and Sarah
James and Doreen
Mukami and Lewis
Marcus and Njeri
Kevin and Stacey

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