Kevin and Stacey


Kevin and Stacey… So many feels when I think of these two.

I met Stacey during my other occupational life as an e-commerce Creative Director. She was stern, witty and intensely focused on getting things done.


I ruined all that and turned her into an sarcastic wild child. I am very proud of this fact.

So when I met Kevin, her fiance at the time (now husband), I felt a lot like a father meeting his son in law.

But not in the shotgun and dowry sort of way. In the, “I am happy she has you…” Sort of way.


The two were so much fun to be around and it was clear that they love each other deeply.

They met in University and had been having a whirlwind romance ever since.


Stacey actually has a twin sister named Daisy, who was instrumental in planning the proposal and confusing her sister long enough for Kevin to make his move.


I will be honest with you. It’s good to see young people proving that love and the walk to marriage still has value today.

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