Re-Visiting Ndegwa and Wangari

rurocio (1)It’s rare.

Rare to actually be honored enough to capture a couple through out Engagement, Ruracio and Wedding.

But that is the honor Wangari and Ndegwa bestowed on me.

The two are Nairobi advocates and, honestly, the most humble and caring people I have ever met.


And as they approach their second wee one, I am revisiting their wedding day. Which was an amazing experience for me. Not just as a photographer. But as a person.



I think one of the most striking things about Wangari and Ndegwa is the level of patience they have. Usually, there would be so much tension at the bride’s home surrounding time, or at least is my experience. But with Wangari, it was super relaxed. We had tea, chatted, shared jokes and even felt comfortable enough to hang out with friends and family present. By “we” I mean the coverage team.





She was easily one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen. And the pride expressed by both her mother and her father was a big indicator of just how important this day was.


Her father even revealed that this is a day that has been a long time coming and he couldn’t be more proud. “It is the climax of a long road and we are proud to be here…”


And Ngegwa and Trevor looking strapping in their suits. But let’s be honest. Trevor is killing it in this picture. Look at that bow tie!!!!


I was truly honored to be a part of this day.


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