I had the pleasure of photographing an awesome family last weekend. My friends Felix and Mary G. introduced me to their son Trey. I believe every child has a unique personality and Trey is calm and inquisitive.


What I love about Trey is just how much fun he is. He doesn’t cry or fuss (much) but he knows when the camera is around and he wants to see it, smile at it and touch it. He sees the world around him and reacts. If he was a wee bit older, I have a feeling he’d be cracking jokes.


I had a chance to ask Felix and Mary G. about how the first few months has been. They surprised me with their advice. Being on the verge of marriage and starting a family (soon enough), I always want to ask these questions. Is it as scary as people say it is? How do you know you are ready? Do you ever wonder if you are going about it all the right way?

As you can see, for me, fear is the pattern. But Felix gave me the best advice anyone could give a starter upper like me… “Everyone feels like that. And everyone strives hard to be prepared. But there is something that only comes once this little person exists. You feel the drive to do it. To be a dad. Because this little one needs you now. There is no more room for fear. You have to be a good dad. Plus you learn to see years in advance and even decision making comes easier. Because you have something important to work towards. I find myself a lot more patient with people even at work these days because I understand, people make mistakes. And I intend to help him learn from his…”

DSC_0214AOFPMary G. told me to do it my way when the time comes. “There are very many experts out there with an opinion on what you should do and how you should do it. But you know what, your experience will be different. Some things will work and others won’t but you will learn your own way along the way. Trust your instincts.”


As for Trey, well, he just told me to chill out and play with some grass. His advice may have been the best of the day.


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