Peter and Sarah – The Ruracio

On the 23rd of August, 2014 my friends Peter and Sarah took their engagement to the next level with a Ruracio.
A Ruracio is a traditional Kikuyu ceremony where representatives and family of the groom go to the bride’s home to pick her up.

They brig with them gifts and lots of songs to sing otherwise the bride’s family can say no.

Traditionally, this was a very serious affair and the fines on the groom for not knowing traditions and breaking the rules were heavy.

But these days the ceremony is more ceremonial and about fun.

DSC_5690These two are a very humble couple and it was very clear from the Ruracio that they are highly responsible.

This picture will be one their children will look at 20 years from now and say things like,

“Look at mum making her serious face, kumbe she has always been like that!?…”

DSC_5641But in reality this is a couple which laughs a lot and are a lot of fun to hang with.

Enjoy some more pictures from their Ruracio below and of course, invite me to yours soon…

Wishing you well!












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