On The Grind With Hawi Alot

Hawi Alot is a soon to graduate law student at the University of Nairobi. In between lessons he has a day job as the manager at On The Grind Coffee Bar and Kitchen on Riara Road.

As a young man, Hawi struggled with confidence because he was bullied in school (kids can be assholes… we know this).

But he used to watch legal dramas on television and he saw how the lawyers talked and conducted themselves with absolute confidence and he said to himself, “That’s what I want to be…”

So he worked hard and got to join University of Nairobi for law and now, close to graduation, he is spending his free time managing OTG which is a restaurant owned by his family.

The restaurant is a quaint bistro with good food and a small inviting environment. I had a chance to sample some of the great meals available on the menu.

DSC_6161The delicious club sandwich has bacon bits, avocado, ham and fresh vegetables. All this in between toasted bread.


Fresh white rice and beef stew with fresh greens and a cucumber cut into a flower shape.

DSC_6190The chef at OTG takes his time to make these miracles happen. He has been with the restaurant since inception.


And the chicken salad with fresh vegetables, mango slices, fried bread cuts and chicken bits. It is as delicious as it looks and comes with home made dressing.

Watch Hawi tell us about his love of Law here…

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