DSC_4839Wilson Mwaniki is easily one of the best Wedding Photographers in Nairobi.

If you want proof of that, 2 minutes on his website is enough to prove it. The first I heard of him was when a friend of mine shared a post from a wedding set he had shot.

Immediately, I knew that these pictures were “different”. I use the quotation marks in “different” because I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something about these pictures just shined across.

DSC_4835Firstly, I was quite surprised to find he is a lot younger than I expected. And this is not an insult, I just expected his quality of work to come from someone older. But here comes this young, soft spoken and very humble man who is very patient and follows instruction without question. I suppose it is true that big things come from the most humble people.

DSC_4823Wilson never even thought of photography as a business model. He wanted to be an IT professional. But his grandfather would travel abroad frequently and when he returned from one of his trips, he brought Will a camera. This was the humble beginning.

DSC_4816Eventually he did become an IT professional. And in the midst of designing websites he came across a particular client who provided pictures which were less than impressive. He had a simple Sony Point and Shoot camera at the time and offered to take new pictures for the client. The client agreed and this is how Will realized the lucrative power of photography. But beyond that, on further discussion with the client he found out that the client had hired a photographer who charged an arm, a leg and some toes for the pictures which were less than impressive. This is when Will began to form an idea…. If he could do better work then he could get the clients and make good money.

DSC_4840So he dived into Youtube Tutorials, Photography E-Books and everything else he could get his hands on to learn the craft. Yes, this skill, like for many Kenyan photographers was self taught.

Within a short while he got hired for his first official gig as a photographer, a birthday party. The pictures were so good that the mother of the child blew them up and framed them. This, Will admits, was his proudest gig.

DSC_4846Today, Will is one of the best Wedding Photographers in Kenya. He has a keen eye for detail and a fast growing client list. In addition, my interview with him proves that he has a very strong business mindset. He provides great service for his clients but also puts a lot of attention towards marketing himself and his services.

Watch Will in action here…

Of course, as a challenge, as I profile a creative they have to profile me… Wilson took some pictures of me as well. This one really got me reflective.


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