Nyama Choma Ya Kamaki


Took a trip to this place called Kamaki off the Embakasi by pass with the lady and the in laws.



One of the key characteristics of this place, besides the aroma of roast meat in the air, is that the butchers leave their stands to hunt down business.
At any moment, a swarm of white coats could descend upon you as you park your car.


And interestingly, they let you sample the meat before you make a choice of which butcher to eat from. So if you are clever, and I have been told this happens, you can sample from one to the other in the straight line of nyama choma joints and eat your fill. But I wouldn’t advise it… I suspect there are consequences for this con hence nobody is doing it.


The meat is soft and in plentiful. And the best thing about this place is that it is “nyama tayari”  (ready cooked). So you select, sit and eat. No time wasted.


You of course get your choice of accompaniments including Ugali, Mukimo or Fries. I always go with fries when I am eating somewhere new.


And let’s not forget the kachumbari…


Or a cold product placement…


And you can take in the sights of people dressed in fancy ways…


As you eat and hawkers try to sell you everything from bibles to Samsung Galaxy 5’s… I kid you not. Samsung Galaxy 5’s.

But please don’t buy the phones from the fellows walking around hawking them, that is the most expensive box you will ever pay for in your life.

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