Raha Za Nairobi

I am a decent designer… I AM! Shut up!

I am no Kenneth Gitonga, even though I have tried all I can to learn from him (shout out). But I can hold my own. But there is something most designers know that I am only recently realizing. You can design as many things as you want but there is nothing quite as sweet as seeing your designs in print. I already have a billboard to my name, but that one I can’t take credit for sadly… And that hurts. But thank the Good Lord for KenyaBuzz.

Final Screen

I worked for KenyaBuzz for nearly two years as a journalist. I went to events, I took photographs, wrote stories and generally made my editors happy by piling them with as much work as possible. I was there when the first KenyaBuzz Raha mobile app was dropped. It was an android version that was as good version but when I saw the Windows Mobile version, I was ecstatic. I have become rather partial to Windows Mobile, especially after leveling a tiny fortune on my HTC-8X (I’m Luo… Just go with it).


I was honored to be able to use skills I had learned from Kenneth to do the designs for the app launch. It felt like a “full circle” thing. Know what I mean? I know it sounds odd but KenyaBuzz has given me so much in form of a family of friends, a fiancé and opportunities that it felt good to give back to the organization. But to see my designs in the KenyaBuzz newspaper this month, that was a mind blowing experience!

This app is a life saver, especially when it comes to knowing dates and times of movies and events. I literally use it to plan my weekends. But beyond that, it is awesome, this feeling of progress. A career is not a job my friends… It is a series of lessons.

Read about the app and download it here.

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