Happy Birthday Mr. O!

I surprised my girlfriend on my birthday by proposing to her and officially making her the Harley to my Joker.

You can read about how I did it and see the pictures on Blissful.

We both have a healthy fascination with the Batman Universe (yes, DC, let’s call it what it is) and more importantly, we both appreciate the story behind Batman’s greatest nemesis, The Joker.

How fortunate am I that I have found a woman who knows me well enough to actually order me an Arkham themed cake?


But beyond her ability to make me swoon by being a nerd girl, she also knows how important photography is to me. So she went onto Photojojo and ordered me this brilliant water bottle. Now when I go for shoots I can stay hydrated while making a statement.



Oh yeah! It LOOKS like a telephoto lens, but when you twist the cap….



What I love about Photojojo is that their products come with a wee fellow stowing away. This wee fellow is waiting to join the Prehistoric Party. And now, thanks to my Harley, me and my own wee fellow, Jim, can join the fun.




I love her (Linda)…
I love the Batman Universe…

I love Jim…

And I love photography…

In that order…


Jim says I should also send a shout out to KenyaBuzz where me and Linda met. I now always exclusively listen to Jim’s advice…


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