Things You Are Likely To Find In My Shaggs

I went down to shaggs (the village home) to visit my parents and caught a few pictures of things you are likely to find while over there. Oh, you are more than welcome to come visit my shaggs btw.


Boda Boda motorcycles are the preferred means of medium-distance travel. In shaggs, everything is medium-distance travel, so get comfortable on the back of one of these things.


Our dog Bonge is a very meditative animal. Sometimes he just stares at the wall where the chain he is tethered with is tied. Not a single sound, he just stares, as if reflecting on his life choices which led him to be chained to a wall… He’s big, scary and occasionally violent is why he is chained to a wall, we aren’t abusing him or anything.


Sunflowers, which are weeds, grow in every field they are given leeway to. I think the seeds spread by wind or something because they are everywhere over there.


Men at work! Carpenters who also happen to be plumbers, electricians and, you guessed it, DSTV installation men. In shaggs, you need to be a jack of all traits if you want to make money. But because everything is really cheap in shaggs, I boil it down to work ethic. Guys just like to work.


My mom’s avocado tree is always heavy with produce. What is ironic is that no one in my family, save me and a few local kids, likes avocados. So they often just end up hanging on the branches of that tree. Looking rejected…


Something for naughty people who want to break into our home… There is a little something in the bushes to keep stray dogs off the compound. It also works as a great tool against anyone who thinks they can crawl in through the fence! I may have cut myself on it a few times…


Chickens, chickens, chickens everywhere… My dad loves chickens and traditionally, chickens are very important to Luo customs. You may want to Google that because I don’t know anything about that…


Food being cooked on fire wood. It happens all the time!…. And everything gets this smokey flavor which works great with meat but not so much with veggies. But put a little hot sauce on it…. Makes it work.


This is the most fashionable man in all of shaggs… And it’s just the hat….

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