Old Cars at Africa Concours D’Elegance 2013


1951 Jaguar Saloon…. I kinda feel like a douche for making this picture black and white but it just feels right.


I don’t know what the model is but this Peugeot actually looks better than the 304 and 504…. 204, I am on the fence.


This one just reminds me of Micheal’s Cuban adventure in Godfather 2.


Reminds me of the old black taxi cabs but it looks a bit too sophisticated for mass transportation.

By now you should be aware that I know nothing about any car under the Jaguar in this post…


But I WISH I knew something about this one. That’s just classy. But then again, when this car was in it’s peak I probably would not have been allowed to drive it…. You know… Because I can’t drive a stick.


I want it…. I don’t know what I would do with it…. But I want it.


This one I didn’t particularly care for…. But I can see myself giving it to someone as a gift. You know, if I could afford such a thing to give away as a gift.

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