The Watamu Vaycay

   Refuel 2

Everybody loves rest stops. They are an indication that you are traveling somewhere.


I love rest stops so much that I take awkward pictures of the restroom doors. This is a totally different stop from the one above by the way.

Oldschool Mountains

Look at that mountain trying to fly… Silly mountain! You belong on the ground. So get your head out of the clouds.

Strange Clouds

Then the clouds be like, “Fuck you mountain!”, and they rise higher and out of reach.


Some advice from the beach folk… Or a willy Italian with an ice-cream shop…. I can’t decide if he is a local or not,

but great fucking Ice Cream (I just feel like cussing).

Chasing Oblivion

Behold, the glory of dawn… I woke my girlfriend up very early to go take these pictures.

The Red Queen

She protested being awake at such an ungodly hour very heavily until THIS happened. Now I am a good boyfriend with a keen eye.


Dawn in general is a great time to be by the beach. It’s very calming. One of the few places if you pray, you kinda feel like someone/thing is listening.


But a few hours later the water goes away and it is time to go and take a walk on the beach.


Feels weird to stand in the same place which was submerged just a few hours ago.


But it’s a fun place to just chill and watch the local kids enjoy their home.

Sky Blue

It’s one of those times when it is so blue that the sky and the ocean can’t decide which way is up.


Like I said, the perfect time to take long luxurious walks…


But be careful not to step on one of these little fuckers….


They just look like they were sent by an angry sea god to make life difficult for mankind. Like crocodiles, Sea Urchins just have a “Fuck Off!” look.

Carlos The Crab

But crabs are cool, they don’t have beef with anyone. They just chill and “dry off”, or whatever it is this is they were doing.

But damn it, some of those little things are massive. One chased me across the beach for getting too close to its cave.

WTF Is Going On

But not all the creatures are hostile. Some of the scariest looking ones can be touched. That right there is a “Sea Snake”. I am sure there is a

real name for it but I don’t argue with locals, they know what they are talking about.

The Fishermen
Here they are, bobbing for fish. The locals I mean.

Team WB

And of course, a special unsolicited shout out to my favorite shoe brand. #TeamWeinbrenner


But generally, if you are going to go to the beach, go with someone who means something to you. It will mean more to you.

Night Huts

Now stop looking at pictures and go to bed.

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