The Reptilian Truth About Instagram

Gex Before Editing

“Photography is not real… It’s not what you see… It’s what I WANT you to see….”

Pretty profound words from a stoner. A photographer. But a stoner… I forget who said it and when but

the words stay with me.

This little bastard is named Gex (I named him after a video game character I loved when I was a kid).

I got down on my hands and knees under the gaze of the Nigerian sun to track a lizard around a compound

just to get this shot.

Gex reminds me something about photography in this Instagram day and age.

The difference, in my opinion, between a “photographer” and an “instagramer” is that photographers take time

to do immensely stupid things to get great shots.


Anyone can add filters to a photograph. But very few people can actually act like a dog for 20 minutes to chase a Lizard around a compound while people watch.

The point of this is, to stop people from getting too excited about photo-filters.

If the original shot looks like shit then the post-edit shot will look like colorful shit.

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