A Boy And His Tiger


This is Benedict. He is one half of a pair of ceramic wild cats living in my brother and I’s apartment.

He’s a mighty beast.

I took him for a walk this weekend.


There is a vacant two bedroom apartment in my building for Ksh 28,000. Benedict is interested in renting it.

I would like him to because I am very particular about my neighbors.


Benedict was pleased with the facilities. They were up to standard. But the loo was not Tiger friendly so he said fuck it!

I was disappointed.


So we went outside and Benedict showed me how to hunt for smaller creatures. The trick is in how well you hide.


Benedict said that if they don’t see you coming then they cannot  do anything when you pounce. I have decided

to adopt his technique for when I am in the club. I will hide behind the bar and when a pretty lass

comes to order….

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