Did It Hurt?

DSC_4737Before I begin I should clarify some things. First, I had NOTHING to do with the taking of these pictures or the footage in the video.

All of it was done by the talented Wamboi Kay

The inking was done by Barry over at The Goth Shop. I HIGHLY recommend him!


I got inked for the third time on my birthday. While I was getting an intricate design permanently etched into my skin,

I couldn’t help but start thinking existentially about pain.


Pain is one of those things that exists in the world. We all don’t like it. But it is there and we need to learn to deal with it…

A little boy touches a hot plate and never does it again… Theoretically!

But that shit isn’t true about life is it?

We are CONSTANTLY sticking our hands on hot plates. Mostly emotional ones…


But pain has a purpose. I went through some shit a year ago that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Long story short. I loved her and she loved me not. She slept with a “friend”… The end.


Some pains make you start contemplating permanent solutions to a temporary problem. But at the time it didn’t

“feel” like a temporary problem. Funny how the intensity of pain dictates its importance.



Patience. All pain has a purpose. And sometimes the purpose is evaluation. Know what you are feeling

and embrace it. Pain is pain. It cannot be outrun. It can only be experienced. It can only be learned



And the lesson should never be to shy away from pain. But to evaluate which ones are worth the risk. Because

sometimes… Even the worst pains… Leave such beautiful scars…


Scars aren’t beautiful. Are they? But aren’t you the product of your past experiences? You are a scar….

And I happen to think you are pretty fucking awesome….

So…. Did it hurt!? Hell yeah it did…. But I am grateful for the pain and the lessons it left me with.

5 thoughts on “Did It Hurt?

  1. Andrew Onyango ….,,I can’t take this pain,Never ever!I have had so many scars already…Not any more.

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