How To Survive A Rurocio…


My relationship history leads me to believe that something like this is in my future. A large majority of my “successful” relationships (I asses by duration and quality) have been with females from “the house of Mumbi”. It’s not etched in stone tablets or anything but I am open to the possibility. As such I need to keep in touch with the traditions. According to Kikuyu customs when it comes to females being sold into the bondage of marriage, a suitor (me) has to go visit the bride to be at home before the wedding. Here he will meet the parents and formally take her from home. It is a marriage on its own am told but it comes before all that business with the church. Part of the ceremony known as a “Rurocio” is to play “find a wife”. The bride and a few of her “sisters” go into the house and come out cloaked and then the suitor has to pick his lady out of the sea of disguised women. I have already warned all forerunners (they aren’t that many) that if this day ever comes then they better devise a way of letting me know where they are. Because the punishment for picking the wrong woman is a fine and I don’t want to pay a fine. I’m cheap that way. So… Yeah…. I’m going to go ahead and take the one I find, thank you.

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