The Roadies


When Jesus comes back, it would be something like that? You think?


If you are driving and things start to look like this, then you need to pull over and test the tunnel vision on

something fun.


But if you are not driving then you can let someone else deal with it while you make funny faces at them in the

rear view mirror.


The car in front is always a Toyota, so the sales slogan goes.


Please note that the village folk do not like getting their picture taken by people in moving cars.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t like that either.


He was crying, don’t know why, I assume it’s the realization that he lives in a tiny town.


It’s a rainbow. If the people in those houses are religious then they are very happy to see those.

Floods and all that…


I don’t know why, but this picture makes me feel like reflecting on my life and decisions I have made.

Right about here I had started asking, “Are we there yet?”


Seriously, these are the ugliest birds ever. Even vultures have some charm.

DSC_2623But that is THEIR tree in THEIR town right over a nyama choma joint with the word “Garden” cleverly

tucked somewhere in the name. Small towns are hilarious.

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