Blackout! A tribute to Kenya Power.

So, recently Kenya Power failed me in the lighting department. It makes sense as to why they dropped that out of their cooperate identity. Technically, “power” can mean anything while “lighting” is a bit too specific. So without power I decided to play weird games with a candle. Note, none of these have been photoshoped. They are done using some cool techniques a friend of mine taught me.


The candle was on top of the fridge but playing around with the zoom function did this kind of surreal effect.


This is a slightly slower version of the first picture.


And this is what it looked like without fancy moves.


So next I decided to take the party outside to lament the rest of Nairobi who had power while my neighborhood stayed dark. That really bright section is Nyayo Stadium… Flood lights kewli!


Then back inside for more strange candle games. A combination of zoom play plus motion equals this.


It was also kinda fun to make an inanimate object look like it has a speed fetish.


But this is one of my favorite shots in the whole set. It really captured the surreal effect well.


Then I achieved perfection and I was very happy…


For a photographer (which is a title I am still earning), there is very little that cannot be considered an opportunity to perfect the craft.


Anyway, morning came and we still had no power, so I took pictures of the balcony.


My neighbor’s cat was so bored that he took a nap… I don’t like him. He’s always napping. Even Garfield wasn’t this useless…

Luckily, and with some work from the Kenya Power team, power has been restored and I no longer have to do this type of thing.

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