Congratulations Mwangi and Mukami


A few months ago I told my friend Brenda that she would soon be sold into the bondage of marriage.

I was teasing her at the time, little did I know that she was already making plans.

 So it gives me great pleasure to announce that I was right.


 They arrived in style!


She has began her journey with Mwangi which will last a lifetime.


No denying that this was their day as friends and family mobbed around them…


And I really liked the whole African cane thing that Mwangi and the groomsmen had going on.


And how amazing did she look in that dress?


This couple had it going on… Love how the bridal and groom’s party got lined up for this.


I joke around a lot but I am seriously very happy for them. It was a great day.


Points to Brenda for being able to get down in that wedding dress.


She could really bust a move!


The bridesmaids had a rainbow color difference which was epic in my opinion.


So, we pop a cork for the couple and wish them well in the beautiful journey ahead of them.

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