Kitty Cats and Nightclubs.

Mishel Muriuki is a brilliant young vocalist in Nairobi. Caught up with her before a set at Galileo in Westlands. While in the back room waiting for her to go on, we ran into a kitten… Am going to call him Nixon.


As you can see, Nixon is an attention monster.


But for some reason he felt the need to be independent.


So Mishel set him free so that he could stand on his own four feet.


And stand he did. Look at him. He looks like he has an opinion on things.


But it wasn’t long before he was at it again.

DSC_1284And back into mommy’s bosom he went….

Check out Mishel’s performance here:


PS: I still hate cats…. BUT kittens are cool…. some of them.

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