MTV Africa All Stars at Tree House


Miss “B” Have herself Avril having a chat with Gitobu Koome, that young man who Paul Melley said needs a haircut. Personally, I think he’s very good looking. Not in a gay way but I can admit when another man has some features.


Amani Wairimu…. Yeah! What words can be used?


NTV’s Anita. She’s a tasty little morsel isn’t she? Very pep too…


I have never understood the appeal of P-Unit. But I must say. After hearing “U Guy” live, and feeding off the energy of the crowd like a vampire, I gotta say… Am warming up to them.


I just thought it looked cool… ION, my new camera gives me less noise trouble. I am very happy about this.



The gentlemen of the evening. Visiting us all the way from SA was the afro-house sensation Big Nuz.


Yes, they did Umlilo… And I was pleased.


I don’t know what his name is but props to this bouncer. He had a tough job serving as a human barrier to keep the fans from jumping on stage. One got past him though. But in his defense she was a sneaky one.


Tuliride Boda Boda na Madtraxx but I wanted to scold him for this ‘Ita Waiter business’. That’s promoting alcohol culture among the youth instead of among the elderly where it is needed most.


Miss Karun… Team Mafisi… Enjoy. She’s over 18…. Right!?


Xtatic!!!! I was impressed…. VERY! She deserved that contract!


My coworker says this picture does things of a nether region stirring nature for him. Thoughts!? In my opinion, STL is not hot… SHE IS “MOTO”!


I loved this shot. A perfect capture as the LED screen lit up and the lights flashed giving it an epic look. In addition check out STL’s flat stomach. Is that a Go cam mounted on that mic?

The rest of the pictures will be on KenyaBuzz this week.

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