Blankets and Wine 43


It’s interesting to meet people you know out at events and they look NOTHING like they usually do when you see them regularly.


This Asian fellow (he could be Chinese, Japanese or Korean… I don’t want to be stereotypical and racist) really enjoyed the music with very fun dance moves.


These two beautiful kids were having a fun day out with their balloon animals… Snake aaaand a snake with a pink hat on. That balloon animal maker has got to be the laziest man in East Africa.


These are their moms…


And when it rained, they danced in the rain. I tried a fast shutter speed to catch the rain drops as they fell, it worked but not as well as I wanted. What do you think?


They just looked like fun guys. Had to take this picture. ION, I kinda feel guilty because the girl on the right thought she was in focus for this picture…. She wasn’t….


Chris Adwar and The Villagers Band rocked, rolled and everything in between. Everything from Benga to Mugithi. There really is no limit to the talent on that stage.


I met Chris a few months ago at Dadaab’s Ghabar. I was surprised at just how cool he is. It is rare for people THIS talented to be humble and friendly. I mean look at me… I brag about my photography every chance I get… Ok, no I don’t but it would be fun if I did, wouldn’t it?


Shout out to my very first Photography teacher (professional) Peter Kalanzi. Even after ALL these years and all these events he still helped me get my night shooting settings right. I had no idea they could look even better with a lower ISO at night…

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