The Family Meal.

I do restaurant reviews as a part of my job. At The Mall in Westlands on the first floor is a place known as BBQ Tonight.


The owners invited the office over for a lunch and gave us a section which seats about sixteen.

Luckily we weren’t that many.


There is no denying that this is a classy establishment. Which is a big plus for a buffet meal restaurant.


Nothing is out of place and it is all very clean and well arranged.


One of the few places where they actually fold your napkin up into shapes.

Then there’s the food….


It is a mix of Afghan and Middle Eastern Cuisine. Which would explain the Naan.

On a side not, Naan makes spicy food go down easier.


Put some Kebabs on that plate and add some Chicken Biriyani and you have a party.


The restaurant also does great barbeque so the chicken is something to be enjoyed in bites.


And because it is a buffet meal, you are GOING to go back for seconds.


Definitely a nice meal to share with the family…. Even if it is the occupational one….


In other news…. THIS IS WAR!!! That was my second plate…. It was a tie.

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